Pie Are Squared’s remix of Ryn Weaver’s “OctaHate” #remix #electronica #chillout

(Yet Another) Overdue Update on All Things Pie…

Well it’s been the weirdest half-year or so in my life so far, mainly because of the fact that it managed to include the happiest and the saddest events I have personally gone through. How that’s affected my music? Well, quite a bit.

On listening back to the releases I have lined up for 2014, both of these aspects seem to be there in almost equal amounts; blending washes of unadulterated misery and downright euphoria. So here’s what’s been released, what’s going to be hopefully released and some other stuff…

Apta/Pie Are Squared Split EP

Released June 16th, 2014.

(Download Here)

This has been some time coming, originally done, mastered and ready for release last year, Barry (Apta) and I somehow managed to forget all about it until a couple of weeks ago. Now it’s finally seen the light of day. Two new songs and their remixes make up this split and you can download it from the link above.

Pie Are Squared Farewell/Gratitude

To be Released: July 2014

Possibly the release most representative of the aforementioned split in mental states, this is basically a Farewell to my dad who passed away in January and Gratitude for all he’s done for me, my wife (then girlfriend), my family and friends. Here’s the first track off the album.

Pie Are Squared 70 Days

To be Released: September 2014

Having been far from home in the 70 days between his hospitalisation and passing, this is a document of all things felt and all events that occurred. It’s the shock of receiving the news, the hope that things will turn out for the best and the knowledge that they won’t. The denial of circumstances and the eventual acceptance. It was pretty much made all in one go, gathering pieces of pieces of music that I tried recording during that period. It’s ambient, droney and sees me going back to where I started; rock. 

Pie Are Squared Beauty in Decay

To be Released: October 2014

An album that’s been pretty much finished since February of last year, but one that I’ve been going back to a lot, now it’s pretty much reaching where I want it to be. Out of all of the aforementioned, this might be the most ambitious and also the longest I have ever made. An hour long continuum of music that encompasses pretty much every kind of music, every mood that’s been held in any of my previous albums. (Artwork by: Hunter Eggers)

Till next time and sorry for the ridiculously long post


A little mash-up I made of Steven Wilson’s “An End to End” and Il Rumore Del Fiore Di Carta’s “Part-Time Superhero” simply because they work really well together. Enjoy!

New Album Out - A State of Unwavering Contempt

So after nearly a year and a half of starting this project, it is finally seeing the light of day. A State of Unwavering Contempt is definitely the darkest, most experimental Pie Are Squared album to date, combining elements of drone, dark ambient, noise, field recordings and electronica to make up one oppressive whole. As usual, it is available for whatever you want to pay for it (Zero being most definitely an option) here on my bandcamp page.

So give it a spin and if you like what you hear, feel free to post it on your blog, share it with friends, annoy your neighbours by playing it way too loud, it’s your call really.


Mohammed (Pie Are Squared)