A little mash-up I made of Steven Wilson’s “An End to End” and Il Rumore Del Fiore Di Carta’s “Part-Time Superhero” simply because they work really well together. Enjoy!

New Album Out - A State of Unwavering Contempt

So after nearly a year and a half of starting this project, it is finally seeing the light of day. A State of Unwavering Contempt is definitely the darkest, most experimental Pie Are Squared album to date, combining elements of drone, dark ambient, noise, field recordings and electronica to make up one oppressive whole. As usual, it is available for whatever you want to pay for it (Zero being most definitely an option) here on my bandcamp page.

So give it a spin and if you like what you hear, feel free to post it on your blog, share it with friends, annoy your neighbours by playing it way too loud, it’s your call really.


Mohammed (Pie Are Squared)

New Pie Are Squared track, very indie-pop, first time with a real vocal line and acoustic drums in the mix, enjoy :)

Found Sounds, field recordings, samples and excerpts of Richard “Iceman” Kuklinski’s interview with Dr. Park Dietz

The third instalment of my “Covered in Pie” series, Clams Casino’s “I’m God” off his album “Instrumentals 2”. Enjoy!

Another track that I made for school and ended up liking a whole lot. Very different from anything I’ve made before.